On the job


Born in Shropshire, UK in 1967 I grew up spending much of my spare time and holidays in North Wales. Having spent most of my youth either alongside or on the sea, I joined the Royal Navy age 16 and still continue to serve today, some 34 years later.

I became interested in photography at a very young age buying myself an old Russian Zenith SLR when I was around 12 years old.  Self taught through reading the odd book along with much trial and error, most of my early years photography was taken whilst racing yachts across the Irish Sea. Life in the Armed Forces has enabled me to visit a great many countries giving me countless opportunities to capture amazing moments around the globe.

Since 2009 I have been based in the Solent area progressing my work to Professional Photographer level, albeit part-time.   Still being in full time Service related life, photography takes up all of my spare time although, Service life still offers numerous opportunities for me and my trusty camera which is always by my side.

I have developed a number of close working relationships with a host of both International and National based companies.  Having achieved publication in a number of National Newspapers and Magazines, you will also find a great many of my photos across a plethora of websites, social media and other online content.  I work closely with the Land Rover BAR (Ben Ainslie Racing) Americas Cup Team and was Official Photographer for the Americas Cup World Series Portsmouth 2015 and 2016. Additionally, I am the official Musto and TNG Watches photographer for Cowes Week and a number of other over-seas regattas.

I provide my imagery to Southsea Gallery, a local family run business, who provide an extremely professional service offering on-site printing, mounting and framing to suit any customers needs. All of my images are available through them either by visiting their shop, in Southsea, or by postal service.  

Please direct any queries to me via my Contacts Link or you can speak direct with Southsea Gallery by simply clicking on their links at the bottom of my Gallery Page.